American Eagle silver bullion coin sales in 2016 reach 5,727,000

Authorized purchasers buying release as fast as U.S. Mint can produce
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Published : 01/26/16
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The  U.S. Mint recorded sales of 5,727,000 2016 American Eagle 1-ounce .999 fine silver bullion coins in just a little over two weeks since sales began.

The U.S. Mint opened sales to its authorized purchasers Jan. 11 for American Eagle gold and silver bullion coins and American Buffalo gold bullion coins.

The American Eagle silver dollars, on weekly allocation for most of 2015, continue on allocation in 2016. The Mint allocated 4 million of the 2016 coins Jan. 11, and all were sold the same week. Another million coins were allocated Jan. 18 and quickly purchased.

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The Mint allocated a million more Jan. 25, of which 727,000 were purchased that day, leaving 273,000 to purchase before the next allotment, Feb. 2.

The American Eagle bullion coins in gold and the American Buffalo gold bullion coins are not on allocation.

Here are the cumulative sales through Jan. 25 for the American Eagle and American Buffalo gold bullion coins:

American Eagle 1-ounce, 80,000 ounces (80,000 coins)

American Eagle half-ounce, 10,000 ounces (20,000 coins)

American Eagle quarter-ounce, 8,000 ounces (32,000 coins)

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