Sales of 2014 American Eagle platinum bullion coins fall during second month of offering

April's total reaches 1,200 ounces, down from 10,000 in March
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Published : 05/09/14
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Demand for American Eagle 1-ounce platinum bullion coins dropped off considerably in April after their return in March following a five-and-a-half-year hiatus.

Sales totaled 10,000 coins in March, and dropped to 1,200 coins in April.

Sales of American Eagle gold bullion coins increased in April over the previous month while sales of American Buffalo 1-ounce gold coins remained steady.

In general, gold sales are down from 2013 levels.

Demand remains strong for American Eagle 1-ounce silver bullion coins. Sales are currently on pace to shatter the 2013 record of 42,675,000 coins.

Continued demand remains for the America the Beautiful 5-ounce silver quarter dollars in 2014, but not at the record levels set for some issues in 2011.

Platinum sales resumed

November 2008 was the last month the U.S. Mint sold American Eagle platinum bullion coins to its authorized purchasers before indefinitely ending sales. Sales during that month were restricted to 800 of the 2008 half-ounce $50 coins.

When sales of American Eagle platinum bullion coins resumed in March 2014, sales were restricted to the 1-ounce $100 face value coins only. As noted, sales totaled 10,000 coins in March, but dropped to 1,200 coins in April. 

No additional platinum coins had been sold through May 6.

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