CCAC selects new American Eagle silver dollar reverse design

Design needs Mint approval, standard review steps
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Published : 04/11/14
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Uniquely qualified

The CCAC’s recommended design was the only one to receive enough votes to qualify under the CCAC’s voting system, which depends on the number of members present, and whether the total participating reflects a majority.

The system allows each member participating to give one, two or three points to a design. With 10 CCAC members present, the maximum number of points a design could receive is 30, with a majority of 16 points needed to qualify any individual design for recommendation.

Each member was polled individually, and could assign points to more than one design from the pool of 16 designs.

Receiving 23 points, the CCAC’s recommended selection was the only design among the 16 considered April 8 to meet the voting criteria for recommendation.

Jansen sought approval to include in the CCAC’s recommendation four more designs receiving the next top number of votes. None of the four had received more than eight points. Jansen’s motion to include the four additional designs failed by a 7-to-3 vote.

During the discussion phase and before the individual voting began, U.S. Mint Sculptor-Engraver Donald Everhart II raised the question whether one of the designs should be considered, since it might be used on an upcoming commemorative. It, too, was among the designs submitted for the reverse of the 2015-W U.S. Marshals Service half eagle.

U.S. Mint officials have not yet announced Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew’s design selections for the 2015 United States Marshals Service gold half eagles, silver dollars and copper-nickel clad half eagles, nor whether Lew has made those selections.

Art medal program

CCAC members also approved a motion directing the U.S. Mint to develop a proposal for a national art medals program.

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