CCAC selects new American Eagle silver dollar reverse design

Design needs Mint approval, standard review steps
By , Coin World
Published : 04/11/14
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Ross supported a handful of other designs that did not display what he called the “struggling eagle” design the CCAC recommended.

Ross also did not support the idea of different finish versions of the silver American Eagle bearing different designs.

CCAC member Michael Bugeja said eight of the 16 designs the CCAC considered were symbolic of power and peace.

“I was heartened to see the committee drawn to symbols,” Bugeja said.

CCAC member Michael Olson said he preferred more emphasis on a bold, strong eagle showing the strength and majesty of the U.S. without the need for shields, flags, arrows and other such devices. Olson said he prefers the eagle to take up much of the space in the reverse field and not be a posed eagle.

Olson also brought up the subject of the CCAC considering a design change for the American Eagle gold coins.

CCAC member Michael Moran said he preferred the flying eagle on a rising plane, flying slightly upward, like on the Gobrecht dollar reverse, with the necessary inscriptions stacked. Moran also supported the idea of submitting more than one design recommendation.

Marks said the eventual design recommendation represents the only choice he feels will pair well with the Walking Liberty obverse.

CCAC member Heidi Wastweet, specially qualified in sculpture or medallic arts, supported the concept of adding arrows to the design. Wastweet said she wanted to see variations of the eventual recommended design.

CCAC member Donald Scarinci was against the idea of adding arrows, suggesting the olive branch as designed be removed as well, so the design concentrates solely on the eagle.

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