Mint changes limit for gold Kennedy half dollar sales at ANA convention, retail outlets

Drops number of coins from two per customer to one; doubles number of tickets
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Published : 07/31/14
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The United States Mint on July 31 lowered the number of gold Proof 2014 Kennedy half dollars customers may individually purchase at the American Numismatic Association convention and Mint retail units from two coins per customer to one per customer.

In addition, the Mint will double the number of tickets it will hand out per day from 250 to 500. Customers will need a ticket to be able to obtain one of the coins.

According to Tom Jurkowsky, head of the Mint's Office of Corporate Communications, "It's the right thing to do."

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The Mint's press release follows:

"Because of the expected overwhelming response, dialog with our customers and many others interested in the 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half-Dollar Gold Proof Coin, the United States Mint is reducing the over-the-counter purchase limit to one unit per customer.

"This change in the purchase limit will give more members of the public an opportunity to purchase this popular coin, essentially doubling the number of customers able to purchase it. The number of units available at each retail location (Philadelphia and Denver facilities, Washington, D.C., headquarters and Chicago ANA World’s Fair of Money) will remain the same.  There will be 500 units available initially at each United States Mint location (Philadelphia, Denver and Washington) and an additional 100 units per day for the first three days after the product launch. There will be 2,500 at the ANA, 500 available per day of the convention. 

"The household ordering limit of five will remain the same."

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Pretty strong price on the Au coin. I think I'll hold out for a set or two of the four coin Ag set.
I saw a line a 'mile long' at the Baltimore show when the Baseball coins were released. The US Mint still doesn't get it. How long do they think 500 coins will last? 70,000 of the clad coins have been sold already. I'm not waiting in any line. Also, all of this 'first strike' 'early release' stuff is a bunch of hogwash. If anyone is really a collector, they know that there is absolutely no way of knowing when those coins were struck. A lot of extra money for no good reason.
Why sell them at the show at all? It creates an artificial and inflated market. Not to mention the potential for a very unpleasant experience if crowds get out if hand.
The US Mint is becoming more and more like Tuvalu and Pobjoy. The over-the-top pricing (and packaging) of non-circulating coins is bad enough, but in this case, they've gone too far. The Kennedy Half has become to numismatics what a Thomas Kincade painting is to art.
Tell the mint to stick these gold half's where the sun don't shine.
I refuse to buy one. Period. I would love to have one for my collection, but I can wait until the rush...goes away and maybe someday I will get one for a reasonable price. It is 3/4 oz anyway. Now if only everyone else would boycott this coin the price would be normal.
Hooray, the Mint did something right for a change.
The premium is way to high, the baseball hall of fame was more reasonable with $35 of the overage going for a contribution, not to mention the LIMITED MINTAGE, a real winner and a true collectible. The mint really messed up on the purchase limit on the baseball gold, should have been a limit of 2 OF EACH PROOF & UNC per household was a guarantee sellout.
I'll pass on the kennedy, if there was a mintage limit, maybe, but unlimited production with a household limit, WHAT IS THE MINT THINKING! How ABOUT a limited mintage WITH A HOUSEHOLD LIMIT!
The other joke is first day label crap, only for those at a coin show or purchase from mint retail store in a sealed un opened dated package for some label that makes this coin rare? Give me a break!