Wait for first gold Proof Kennedy 'worth every second,' while 'chaos' described further down the line

The first folks waited for nearly 12 hours
By , Coin World
Published : 08/05/14
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Updated at 8:36 a.m. Central Time Wednesday

All U.S. Mint cash registers should be working today, at least for credit cards, U.S. Mint retail marketing specialist Jospehine Campbell said at the conclusion of Tuesday's gold Proof 1964–2014-W Kennedy half dollar sales. 

Campbell led the team of retail workers checking out purchasers on Tuesday. 

At one point Tuesday, one of the three U.S. Mint cash registers stopped working, causing a slowdown in check-outs. Campbell said by the end of the day, the down register was accepting credit cards only. She said she hoped it would be back up and running in full Wednesday, but it will at least be accepting credit cards. 

She said other than the register, her end of the purchasing process had a smooth first day. 

"Once [customers] are here, it goes with the flow," Campbell said. 

She thought this release was an especially fun one to work because of the personal connections the Kennedy half dollar has with so many people.

"It has a lot of personal ties to folks," Campbell said. "That's what really makes it special."

4:40 p.m. Central Time Tuesday

The final group of 20 to 30 gold Proof 1964–2014-W Kennedy half dollar purchasers are moving through the U.S. Mint register area, nearly six hours after the first purchase was made. 

U.S. Mint deputy director of corporate communications Adam Stump said a down register led to a slowdown in the middle of the day.

The Mint had designated two registers for Kennedy purchases and one for all others. At around 2:30 p.m., with one of the Kennedy registers malfunctioning, the Mint went to two Kennedy registers and zero for other purchases for a period of time. 

Stump said the latter part of the day went relatively smooth other than a few issues with purchasers being underage or one person trying to pay for more than one coin on behalf of others in line with them.

1:02 p.m. Central Time

The first day of sales for the gold Proof 1964–2014-W Kennedy half dollar at the American Numismatic Association World's Fair of Money has gone according to plan, so far, Stump said Tuesday afternoon.

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People in line taking charge and numbering their own hands. I like it.
why not to make one or two million of coin to make every collector HAPPY :)
Coin collecting is a Hobby for all ages, Not For Money maker or Profit taker
This isn't coin collecting. It's scarcity collecting and ego satisfying.
I hope all these greedy f****** lose money in the long run - but no, they'll obviously make bank. This is bull****!! U.S. Mint, drop this new marketing s*** or you'll lose even more potential customers than you already have in the past few years.
There is no mintage limit on these. I don't understand so many people lining up to pay a 33% premium on the gold value.
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I ordered mine online. Got in the queue at 11:45am.....once the site opened up, I only waited 3 minutes. The Mint finally got the online ordering fixed. I had the same experience with the Unc sets as well.
First and LAST show for me! Stood in line for four hours to be turned away within a hundred from getting the GOLDEN ticket. Tried to line up at 11:00 pm Tuesday night but Chicago PD kicked us out of line and said nobody could line up until 6:00 am Wed.
We could see persons hiding in the bushes.
We returned at 4:45 am and the Chicago PD lied! The line was over 500 long.
Asked the officer what the deal was as he said nobody could line up until 6:00
His response was if you don't like it "write a letter"!
Plane tickets, Hilton Hotel next to the center, missed work and all of this for nothing!
The guy with all the mules should have the crap kicked out of him and his coins taken back!