U.S. Mint plans to limit sales of Proof gold 1964-2014-W Kennedy 50th Anniversary half dollar at ANA

500 coins available each of five days; one-coin limit per customer
By , Coin World
Published : 07/16/14
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Sales of the gold Proof 1964-2014-W Kennedy 50th Anniversary half dollar to collectors attending the American Numismatic Association’s World’s Fair of Money in Rosemont, Ill., will be limited to one per person.

The one-coin-per-person restriction will also be in effect at the sales center at Mint headquarters in Washington, D.C., and the contracted sales centers at the Denver Mint and Philadelphia Mint. Sales begin Aug. 5.

Mint officials inititially placed a two-coin-per-person limit on sales, but changed that to one coin per customer on July 31.

There will be a five-coin-per-household limit for orders placed on the Mint's website and by telephone at 800-872-6468.

J. Marc Landry, the U.S. Mint’s acting associate director for sales and marketing, said during a July 16 teleconference with numismatic media that the Mint anticipates having 40,000 coins available for sale and immediate shipping on the first day.

The issue will be struck to demand, he said.

Pricing is tied to the U.S. Mint’s pricing grid for coins containing precious metals. Pricing for the gold Proof Kennedy half dollar, which contains three-quarter-of-an-ounce of pure gold, will be announced close to Aug. 5.

Landry said the preference is for no mintage limit. The Mint has sales estimates projected, but if demand greatly exceeds that target, it might not be able to meet that demand.

Landry said that the U.S. Mint plans to have 2,500 of the gold Proof Kennedy half dollars available during the five-day ANA show, Aug. 5 to 9, with 500 coins reserved for sale each day.

To avoid problems with collectors and dealers lining up hours before the scheduled 11 a.m. Central Time sales launch Aug. 5, an announcement will be made 15 to 30 minutes before on the convention bourse directing those interested where to begin lining up, Landry said.

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"an announcement will be made 15 to 30 minutes before on the convention bourse directing those interested where to begin lining up" means there will be a stampede. Why not just skip selling at the show? Sounds like it will an unpleasant experience.
I agree with two previous comments, Also this is not at all fair for collectors who can not make the show day.
What ever happens, the good old government stands to make "MUCHO DINARI" on this GOLD 3/4 oz KENNEDY HALF DOLLAR. there are no fair prices at the U S MINT any more. Real shame on the young coin collectors entering the " HOBBIE "
All persons buying will be put on purchaser list. The premium for the lucky ones will be LARGE! THE mint is definitely working for the dealers,NOT THE DIEHARD collector. Just look at the BOUNTY put on other show sale items.The regular guy should be respected NO DEALERS ON THE LINE,PERIOD.
Not a classy way to sale Gold coins. If we were back in the 30s You all would be going to coin shows in suits and smoking cirgars. Wow have time have changed.
I'll skip on the gold gimmick (May be able to buy a full oz for same price) since there is not a mintage limit. Might only buy a silver set (again no mintage limit), but the clad for $10 is a joke at that price, rolls/bags cheaper and not any different. Also same clad coin is in mint and proof sets.
The baseball Cain was a hit, but the household limit was a joke, should of been a 3 to 5 limit on the baseball coin and still would have sold out no problem in gold & silver! Still waiting on some gold & silver baseball coins.
"[B]ut the clad for $10 is a joke at that price, rolls/bags cheaper and not any different. Also same clad coin is in mint and proof sets."

Not true. Read the whole article. The two-coin clad set will have the original 1963 sculpture of Kennedy, as will the other five anniversary Kennedy halves. The Mint and Proof sets will have the current rendition of Kennedy's portrait. The difference should be very apparent.
So is that per day on the limit on the gold kennedy??? I'm not a dealer just a collector tryin to pay for my addiction! The us mint blows, they only work for the dealer not the actual collector... There always has to be a greedy middleman/ coin company! How do I get what I need for my five kids as an investment toward there college tuition! I guess only two of them get to go? I'd be better off buying Chinese bonds!
What most don't realize is that by continually complaining about these limits and fair and equal access, it just ruins it for everyone in the end, dealers and collectors both, and the mint comes out the winner, not you. Think of it this way, your paying a premium for a coin, why not have it be a little rare and worth having for an 'actual' investment.

Yep... another set with no mintage limits across all options...... if and when you decide to sell it, you might even take a loss on it because you already payed a premium and overall supply will be much higher. Look at some of the eagle sets, they are actually worth less than the issue price 2 years ago, not a great investment.
A new system won't change the fact that the US Mint is out of touch with it's customers and arrogantly does not care. Just ask the thousands of collector's who were guaranteed a Gold Proof Baseball coin then after waiting nearly 4 months were told "sorry we ran out". It was obvious that all the grading companies and dealers got their coins. A new OMS system will be worthless when the people who run the US Mint business have no sense of customer service and really don't care about the customer at all. I was going to go to the show but sounds like another case of the US Mint will do what it wants when it wants and screw the collector. American is no longer a melting pot, it's a toilet.
it sure will be a madhouse scramble to get in the line.if I could get there I would try. Watch what the price of the certified ones with ngc's INAUGURAL RELEASES label what a joke like the people who paid 3 to 5 thousand for a gold hof coin with the show label. it puzzels me I collect coins not labels we shall see.
I watched it on the news yesterday morning. these big coin dealers have paid collage kids to stand in line like its for concert tickets. Im sorry its the big dealers and the 2 big grading companies who are going to make crazy money. The gov is crazy $1240 for 3/4 of an oz of gold that closed at just over 1295.00 Us little guys have no way of competeing with them . they set the prices and buy up most of the really great coins, that's the world of coin collecting today. I been collecting for a long time and have bought some great coins from the mints. but this is outta hand. IMHO
U$ Mint PCG$ NGC all winner$