United States Mint clarifies $4.95 shipping charge for bags, Baseball Hall of Fame coins

Charge of $4.95 accompanying bags also covers coin shipments
By Paul Gilkes - Coin World Staff
Published : 04/11/14
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“We regret that we did not convey this clearly enough and will take customer comments into consideration for future promotions.”

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This seems to be par for the course for the mint. Seems to take longer and longer to get orders. And order tracking is a joke.
Boloney. Just got my coin shipment and the 29.75 "handling" charge on my original purchase order was billed as shipping on my order, on top of the 4.95 "shipping" charge that was on that original order. They knew what they were doing, unloading cheap bags to those of us making large purchases and oops, bags went out early. I smell foul.