Proof 2014-W American Eagle gold coins on sale April 3

Maximum mintages are lowered for some options
By Paul Gilkes - Coin World Staff
Published : 03/28/14
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The number of Proof 2014-W gold American Eagles to be available, starting at noon Eastern Daylight Time April 3, are 5,000 units fewer for some product options than for the 2013 issues of those options.

The United States Mint’s pricing for the coins will be set closer to the launch date, based on the pricing grid for precious metals coins.

The ordering options for the Proof 2014-W gold American Eagles are as follows:

➤ Single 1-ounce, maximum product limit of 15,000 coins.

➤ Single half-ounce, maximum product limit of 20,000 coins.

➤ Single quarter-ounce, maximum product limit of 10,000 coins.

➤ Single tenth-ounce, maximum product limit of 20,000 coins.

➤ Four-coin Proof set, maximum edition of 15,000 (contains one each of the 1-ounce, half-ounce, quarter-ounce and tenth-ounce gold Proof coins).

The ordering options, when combined, provide for the sale of up to 35,000 1-ounce coins, 25,000 half-ounce coins, 25,000 quarter-ounce coins and 35,000 tenth-ounce coins.

For 2013, the product limits, followed by the mintage limit, were:

➤ Single 1-ounce, 20,000 product limit, 40,000 mintage limit.

➤ Single half-ounce, 10,000 product limit, 30,000 mintage limit.

➤ Single quarter-ounce, 10,000 production limit, 30,000 mintage limit.

➤ Single tenth-ounce, 20,000 product limit, 40,000 mintage limit.

➤ Four-coin Proof set, product limit of 20,000 sets.

The 2013-W four-coin gold Proof set was reported a sellout on Dec. 30, according to U.S. Mint spokesman Michael White.

On March 25, the U.S. Mint’s website carried 2013-W American Eagle gold coin sales through March 16, 2014, as:

➤ Single 2013-W 1-ounce coin, 16,833.

➤ Single 2013-W half-ounce coin, 4,841.

➤ Single 2013-W quarter-ounce coin, 4,912.

➤ Single 2013-W tenth-ounce coin, 13,865.

Visit for more information concerning the 2014-W American Eagle gold coins.

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