2007 Russian 50-kopek coin found in change in Ohio causes finder to wonder

Readers Ask column from the Aug. 25, 2014, issue of Coin World
By Coin World Staff , Coin World
Published : 08/07/14
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I found what appears to be a Russian coin in my change. Is it worth anything?

Michele Orzano, Sidney, Ohio

You’ve probably heard of someone writing a letter to her future self about some encounter or experience.

This Readers Ask is a bit like that. I found the coin I am writing about, so I’m the one who can tell the backstory.

As a Coin World staff member I’m very used to answering questions about coins, paper money, medals, tokens and other odd bits that our readers ask about. 

But this time I had my own questions, about an odd coin I found in my change.

I had a small change purse overflowing with coins. It was time to take them to my bank’s automated coin counting machine and redeem them for folding money.

Often a bent or discolored Lincoln cent or a Canadian 10-cent gets kicked out in the reject slot of the automated counter. Sometimes I can just drop rejected U.S. coins back into the machine, and it will count them. 

When I heard a coin clink into the reject slot, I expected the usual. But lo and behold, I found instead a slightly worn coin that looked like it had Cyrillic lettering.

I finished my business at the bank, and when I got back to the office the identification hunt was on!

The obverse design shows St. George on horseback, about to spear a serpent. The design seems to be a slight variation on Great Britain’s St. George and the Dragon design.

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My Dad brought many coins home with him from his travels, England,Russia,Latvia,China and Egypt. I suppose I could drop a few here and there to stir things up here in Florida.
Good analysis and that should be expected from a coin collector whatever. Surely this is not the first time you have seen foreign coins here! What about Canadian and Mexican coins? People from all over the world travel to the USA and with the current situation over in Ukraine and Russia, expect to see more from that part of the world!!!
I found a 1¢ from Romania in a bank roll and a Korean coin the same size as a quarter in change from a convenience store last week. How did those coins get to hope, arkansas?