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Niue issues Guardian Angel silver bullion coin
by Jeff Starck There’s a new silver Angel bullion coin in the market. Gainesville Coins LLC is introducing an exclusive new product, the 2017 Guardian Angel 1-ounce silver bullion coin, struck with legal tender status under the name of the island nation of Niue in the Pacific Ocean.
How changes to Islamic Sharia law could lead to...
by Joe O'Donnell The international organization that sets Sharia law’s financial standards recently opened up gold-investing opportunities within the system of rules honored by many millions of Muslims around the world, potentially allowing for a huge number of new gold investors.
A date which will live in infamy: Remembering Pearl...
by Steve Roach The surprise Japanese attack shocked the United States along with the world. The day after the attack, President Franklin Roosevelt would say that the attack represented “a date which will live in infamy,” before issuing a proclamation of war against Japan.
What a 10 percent off-center 1803 Draped Bust...
by Steve Roach Hard to come by, this 1803 Draped Bust half dollar is struck 10 percent off-center at 7:00 relative to the obverse. Just a bit of the design is missing — the bottom of the date and the top of STATES on the reverse — but a broad area of unstruck planchet is visible, making this a highly desirable error.