What information do you have on a Cardinal Richelieu medal?

I recently obtained a Cardinal Richelieu medal. The inscription reads RICHELIEU CARD. ACADEMIAE GALLICAE FU'IDATOR with the Ro­man numerals MDCXXXVI. The medal is uniface and appears to be made out of copper, but I do not know for sure.

Cardinal Richelieu was a very influential and powerful cardinal. I would appreciate any information that you might have on this medal.

- Stephanie Wardon

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  • Unfortunately we weren't provided images of the medal in question, but the question correctly notes that the cardinal (real name Armand­ Jean du Plessis) left his mark on 17th century politics of France.

    Many medals depict Cardinal Richeleu, but we did not find any that are uniface.

    This medal's legend matches that of one inset in the cover of each volume of a 20-volume work , The Immortals: Masterpieces of French Fiction Crowned by the French Academy. According to Ziern-Hanon Galleriesin St. Louis, the reverse of the medal cannot be checked to see if it is uniface with ­out perhaps destroying the cover.

    Coin World columnist David T. Alexander, a medal specialist, notes that there are modem and historic French Mint versions of medals for Cardinal Richelieu but more information and images are required to satisfy this inquiry.

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