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‘Outwardly attractive’ 1802 Draped Bust half dime,...
by Steve Roach Problem-free is a relative term when applied to well-circulated examples of the 1802 Draped Bust half dime. This one, graded Very Good 8 by PCGS, is described as “Outwardly attractive,” with both sides “richly toned in a blend of original dove and charcoal gray.”
Design failures, desirable rarities, or both?: Inside...
by William T. Gibbs The September 2017 cover feature explores “one-year wonders,” those designs that lasted just a year or less, many of which have become coveted delicacies for collectors. Other topics include how to value unique collectibles, and an outline of the history of what "paper money" is printed on, from mulberry bark to linen to, now, plastics.