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Maui trade ‘dollars’ are Hawaii’s unofficial coinage
by Mark Benvenuto Maui trade dollars have been issued in a long string going back decades. These tokens are issued for use on Maui but are often retained as souvenirs of a visit to Hawaii. The current series began in 1992 and continues to be issued today, with a $2 face value.
Ninth edition of ‘Gold Coins of the World’ book...
by William T. Gibbs The ninth edition of "Gold Coins of the World," by Arthur L. Friedberg and Ira S. Friedberg, is now available from book sellers. The all-new edition contains approximately a thousand new listings not in the previous edition. The newest edition calls on the expertise of more than 100 expert contributors and consultants from around the globe.
Pair of new Israel notes feature historic women,...
by Arthur L. Friedberg Following up on the introduction of the 50 new sheqel in September 2014 and the 200 new sheqel in 2015 in its new currency Series C, the Bank of Israel is now preparing for the introduction of the 20- and 100-new-sheqel notes before the end of 2017.