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A tradition continues: Queen Elizabeth II...
by John Andrew On the Thursday before the Christian holiday of Good Friday, Queen Elizabeth II distributed Royal Maundy coins at Leicester Cathedral. Leicester Cathedral was chosen for this year’s Maundy Service as it was the only Anglican Cathedral at which the ceremony had not taken place.
Raised lines on coins spark collector interest:...
by Colin Sallee Our May 8. weekly print issue is out, and a few stories certainly stand out. One is the tale of Bill O'Rourke and the person who turned him into a numismatist; another presents a completely bogus and downright comical Chinese counterfeit coin.
1814 half dollar, struck off center, is only...
by William T. Gibbs An 1814 Capped Bust half dollar that sold in Heritage Auctions' recent sale of U.S. coins in Dallas is of two major error types. It was struck about 5 percent off center and it was struck at least three times.
‘Photograde’ author, coin dealer James Ruddy dies
by Jeff Starck James F. Ruddy, one half of one of the most famous coin auction houses of the 20th century, died April 12 after a brief illness. Mr. Ruddy in 1971 was a co-founder of Bowers and Ruddy Galleries with Q. David Bowers, after the two had worked together for more than a decade in various coin businesses.